Lyn Matthew creates acrylic paintings on canvas.  She is known for her simplicity of style and vivid color.  Her work is in collections throughout the country.  Visit her blog to find out what she is painting and where she finds her inspiration.

Artist Statement

My paintings are all about storytelling.  I begin with a sketch or photograph of a figure, a tree, or something that interests me.  I paint the outline of that sketch and then I throw the sketch aside.


I begin to brush paint on the canvas and the painting evolves as I create a story about the scene.  Both the story and the composition evolve at the same time.

As I paint layer upon layer the story deepens inside each layer of paint.  I do not always know the outcome of the finished painting when I take the first brush stroke.

I love the mystery of the story evolving on the canvas!

Kite Flyers, Acrylic on canvas

Pink Flowers, Acrylic on canvas

Blossoms, Acrylic on canvas

Summer Solstice Acrylic on canvas

Aspen Clouds, Acrylic on Canvas

Creekside, Acrylic on Canvas

Aspen One, Acrylic on Canvas

Snow Trails, Acrylic on Canvas


Giclee’ Reproductions are available for all paintings on this website.  Contact the artist for more information,

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